Welcome to Nalanda Digital Dharma

Nalanda Digital Dharma is Nalandabodhi’s online program for anyone who is interested in exploring the timeless wisdom of the Buddha. This program offers a way to learn, reflect and bring personal insight of the Buddhist teachings – wherever and whenever.

The first set of courses provide an overview of the principles and meditation practices that define the Buddhist path, and that can lead to awakening in this very lifetime. Nalandabodhi’s curriculum also includes teachings on the Hinayana and Mahayana paths.

Under the guidance of Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche, material will be continually added to the Nalanda Digital Dharma online platform to help individuals deepen their understanding of Buddhism and their practice.

How it Works

Each course is divided into modules with short sessions that you can complete at your own pace. Sessions provide an overview of the topic, introduction to the teacher, and key information so that you can dive right in. You’ll find videos, articles, and audio recordings, with space for reflection as you progress.

Courses will be continually added that include teachings from Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche and other Nalandabodhi instructors.


Videos play an essential and valuable role in these courses. They are the primary method we use to provide you with the Buddha’s teachings.


Discover the ancient practices of the Buddha through guided meditations. Each recording is led by experienced teachers and presents the essence of the key instructions.


Readings supplement and enhance individual sessions. They serve to broaden the topics covered and provide you with additional perspectives.


Opportunities for reflection set the foundation for you to have your own awakening experiences. They provide a way to transfer the teachings to your daily life.

Meet Your Instructors

Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche

Mitra Tyler Dewar

Mitra Karl Brunnholzl

Mitra Lee Worley

Mitra Mark Power

Sandra Roscoe

Dan Hirshberg

Susan Stewart

Nick Vail

Diane Biray Gregorio

Ben Mikolaj

Stephanie Mikolaj

“I really found that the online version of the Introduction to Buddhism curriculum is AMAZING! I knew it would be good, but it completely exceeded my expectations”

Adela Iglesias

“… it encourages learners to actively listen while thinking already about their reflections and takeaways on the information”

Diana Hsu

“I felt that I was being taught by very knowledgeable people who knew how to teach the material in a very clear and concise manner”

Nancy Hom


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